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Why Nothing Really Exists


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There’s a lot of things that we depend on that doesn’t really exist.

In fact, most things don’t really exist.

Actually, NOTHING exists.

Now, before you think I’ve gone off the deep end, let me explain.

There’s the famous Einstein equation that says E=mc^2.

We know this isn’t just a theory.

This is the physics behind atom bombs and nuclear energy.

Matter and energy is really the same stuff.

But it turns out that “matter” isn’t really a “thing.”

It’s really only a metaphor.

Most people know about molecules and atoms.

And many people know that atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons.

And many people know that most of the “mass” in the atoms are from the neutrons and protons, since electrons are pretty light.

(Silly Joke: A photon checked into a hotel. The desk clerk asked if he had any bags. The photon said, “No, I’m traveling light.”)

But here’s the thing.

Neutrons and protons are made up of these things called “quarks.”

And quarks are almost PURE energy.

They are sort of “trapped” inside the proton or neutron (both called nucleons) and are vibrating at such a high frequency, that nearly ALL of what they are is made up by energy.

Even Schroedinger, the guy who came up with the “probability wave function” theory about matter, said that everything really IS (not metaphorically) various manifestations of energy waves.

Schroedinger is the guy who came up with the cat in a box metaphor.

It could be dead it could be alive.

Until you open it, it’s both.

But once you open it, you force it to be one or another.

According to him, all matter exists as probability functions.


But beyond the squishy construction of reality, our language is filled with metaphors.

Things that don’t really exist, but we act as if they do.

Like we describe the process of “falling in love.”

What is that noun, “love?”

It’s a feeling.

It’s a collection of hormones.

It’s an instinct that is responsible for making sure humans couples stayed together long enough for junior to grow up and fend for himself.

But all of these are metaphors as well.

As a “thing” it doesn’t really exist.

But we talk about it as if it does.

Moreover, we talk about it as if it were a CONTAINER.

Something we are IN.

Love is one of the most POWERFUL metaphors we use.

Another is MONEY.

Most people don’t like talking about it.

But look back through human history, and you’ll find it everywhere.

The larger and more complex any society is, the MORE of this “money-energy” is flowing EVERYWHERE.

The more primitive it is, the less there is.

You may say that LOVE is a necessary binding force that keeps families together.

And MONEY is a necessary binding force that keeps societies together.

Get Some:


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