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Our brains can sometimes make things too complicated.

Being our best feature, our brains, and everything it can do, has made us humans the (currently) top dogs on Earth.

Why, specifically, is something that is open for discussion.

Some argue it’s our use of language.

Or our use of tools.

Or our ability to think consciously.

One interesting theory says that the long road to conscious thought began WAY back when the first creatures crawled out of the water.

See, in the water, you can’t see very far ahead.

So you never really need to think about what’s coming up.

So any animal that lives in the sea only needs to react.

But once they got up on land, they could see a lot further.

Which meant they could see what was coming a lot sooner before it got there.

That gave those early creatures a lot of time to “think about” a proper response.

And from that window of time eventually arose human consciousness.

And along with it our big brains.

But all that stuff happened a LONG time ago.

Most of our recent inventions have only been in the past couple hundred years.

Beyond two or three hundred years ago, life was as it had been.

And going back only 10,000 years, a BLINK as far as all life, we were pretty much the same as we were way back when we were lower primates.

Sure, we could talk and think and make up stories about characters up in the sky, but what made us SUDDENLY leap forward?

First farming, and then large cities, and recently everything else?

The main thing was that GROUPS started inventing things.

One “characteristic” of all these inventions was they were made for the MASSES.

Meaning guys like Edison, Ford, Gates, they invented stuff, but up until very recently, all inventions were PERSONAL.

People would make stuff they could use themselves.

Only in the past few hundred years have people been making stuff to be used by the MASSES.


Are they super generous?

Are they benevolent?

Angels secretly pretending to be humans?


There is ONE reason and ONE reason only those inventors have schemed their ENTIRE LIVES to invent things to be used by the masses.

(OK, maybe not the ONLY reason but the MAIN reason...)

They wanted to get PAID.

Their thinking was simple.

“If could create something a million people would be willing to pay a couple of dollars for, I could get rich!”

This is the ONE THING that is responsible for all this stuff.

None of the inventions we enjoy, depend on and take for granted today would be possible it.

What is “it”?


Get Some:


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