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Learn To Play The Long Game


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The long game is an idea is extremely valuable.

All failures can be framed in terms of long game failure.

Anybody can play the short game.

Only looking ahead a move or two.

Few people can play the long game.

Especially if it involves any short term discomfort.

There’s a parable about an ancient Chinese kung fu master.

He was strolling down the street, and some young punks accosted him.

They many, and they challenged him to a fight.

He didn’t feel like fighting.

They said the only way to avoid fighting was to crawl on the ground through their legs.

He thought about it, and decided to crawl through their legs.

Another parable has a valuable advisor to an ancient Chinese emperor.

Loyal all the way. 

Even as the emperor became corrupt and evil.

Everybody thought the loyal assistant, being an honest man, was the only hope for society.

But so far, he kept helping the evil emperor become more evil.

Until one day, the evil emperor had all his evil conspirators in one place.

Including the loyal helper.

The loyal helper seized the opportunity, and killed them all.

The more of the story is twofold.

One is that waiting for the right moment is JUST as important as being able to perform at that right moment.

But the second moral is much more important.

And that’s the both characters (the crawling kung fu guy and the loyal assistant) are the same person.

One person who is capable of playing the long game. 

Waiting patiently for the right moment, and when the right moment comes, leaping into action and killing everybody.

That very same dude is capable of crawling on the ground when he’d rather show up on time and not out of breath and covered in other people’s blood.

Playing the long game requires looking WAY into the future.

And planing TODAY’S actions based on how they’ll resonate years from now.

Most people can’t do this.

Most people can’t plan past the next couple hours.

But if you were to look at all the skills required for building big empires, long game would be one of the most important one.

Luckily, this is a skill that can be practiced.

No matter what level you are today, you can significantly increase your skills at the long game.

And all the benefits that come with it.

Learn How:


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