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Vampires are an interesting metaphor.

Mythical creatures that live off human blood.

Vampire bats do the same thing.

So do plenty of parasites.

From a pure energy standpoint, you could do a lot worse than having blood as your main source of food.

Blood has plenty of nutrients.

One of the richest fictional characters is a vampire.

The richest is Scrooge McDuck.

The second richest is that vampire family from the Twilight books.

The vampires are rich because of compound interest.

This why pretty much all vampires are also wealthy.

If you lived for a couple hundred years, you’d be rich too.

All you would need to do is live SLIGHTLY beneath your means for a hundred years or so, and let the compound interest pile up.

So if you DID become a vampire, you’d have to work a crappy job for a while (hundred years or so) while compound interest worked in your favor.

Once you’d accumulated your billions, then you could wreak havoc on humans.

Interestingly enough, vampire bats also have very basic credit system.

Sometimes they go out hunting and come back with a belly full of blood.

Sometimes they don’t get squat.

But the successful ones “loan” money to the unsuccessful ones.

And everybody remembers who owes whom.

If they same dude keeps borrowing blood, and never pays it back, nobody will lend to him.

Monkeys do this also when they groom each other.

They remember who helped whom, and who owes whom.

In modern society, a common metaphor for central bankers are vampires.

Or “vampire squid” to be specific.

This goes WAY back to the beginning of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Now, why would they call central bankers vampires?

Money is the lifeblood of society.

Just like blood is the lifeblood of humans.

Vampires sneak in at night and steal our blood.

Central bankers pretty much do the same thing.

Slowly suck the blood-money out of society.

What does it all mean?

Money is important.

In every way imaginable.

One of the biggest cons the elites have consistently propagated over the centuries, from all the way back to the Roman Empire, is the idea that money is bad, or evil.

This is another reason why money is purposely NOT taught in school.

It’s something you have to learn about on your own.

But the real secret is that money is SIMPLE.

It’s an instinct.

And when you understand it, and re-calibrate your money instinct for modern times, you’ll see why.

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