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They say that ignorance is bliss.

And like many sayings that we’ve all heard a kajillion times, they are very, very true.

I remember my very first paycheck.

In high school I got a job working at a movie theater.

One of the best jobs I’d ever had.

Relaxed environment, lots of high school kids.

Where I met a lot of friends I still have today.

Even my first girlfriend.

But my first paycheck was a shock.

I calculated how much I was going to get.

Hours times dollars per hour.

Nobody told me a bunch of it would be swiped off the top.

That was my first monetary shock.

That when you say you get X dollars per hour, that’s not what they mean.

What they REALLY mean is both You AND the government get X dollars per hour.

And they figure the split without consulting you.

There are plenty of harsh truths about money.

Many of them are very, very old.

They’ve been around for a LONG time.

Some of them are surprisingly similar from culture to culture.

Mainly, the idea that “making money” is bad.

This idea pops up in the Roman Empire as well as Feudal Japan.

Of course, this idea is usually cooked up by the people in charge who already HAVE all the money.

The idea of money is very confusing.

Both from a belief standpoint, and from an economic standpoint.

Something as important as compound interest is usually kept from us until it’s too late.

Until we got TONS of credit card debt.

At the same time, Einstein called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world.

If you can use it to your advantage, you can get filthy rich.

But on a much deeper level, there are instincts regarding money.

Instincts involving the time value of trading.

Even lower animals have these ideas.

Of borrowing something now, and paying it back later.

How can something so natural and instinctive cause so much confusion and anxiety?

It’s as if the rules of the game are PURPOSELY kept from us.

If you don’t know the rules, it’s hard to play, let alone win.

Luckily, even though the rules will NEVER be taught in school, they are very simple to understand.

Since they are based on ancient human instincts.

Which means once you understand and awaken those ancient instincts, you can get in the game.

And not just play, but play to win.

And enjoy yourself.

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