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The best relationships happen spontaneously.

For women, the best romantic idea is to get swept off your feet.


For men, it’s commonly taught that the best way to talk to a woman is under the idea of “outcome independence.”

If you are specifically trying to get a specific outcome, you’ll be much more nervous and upset if it doesn’t happen.

Paradoxically, the less you are concerned with an outcome, the more likely it will happen.

However, this only works in the contexts of male-female relationships.

If you tried this strategy when baking a cake, it would be ridiculous.

For example, if you left your house one day, and purposely didn’t care of a cake showed up while you were gone, it wouldn’t.

To make a cake, you HAVE to have a solid outcome.

You have to KEEP that outcome in mind when baking the cake.

If you started thinking about peanut butter sandwiches while baking a cake you might accidentally slip in some peanut butter without knowing it.

So being “outcome independent” while baking a cake is a silly idea.

So WHY does this work so well in relationships?

Because after eating, creating sexual relationships is our PRIME DIRECTIVE.

It’s one of those things that happens naturally.

Since people have been making people since the dawn of time, it’s kind of programmed into our DNA.

You really don’t need to study game or anything like that.

But you DO have to have a set of basic social skills.

The more of these “outcome independent” interactions you create with potentially compatible people, the more likely it will happen.

How, specifically, do you do that?

Find somebody that is physically attractive.

Before you meet them, make a promise to yourself that NOTHING will happen.

ASSUME they are happily in love.

With somebody else.

And just enjoy them as a NON-RELATIONSHIP-POTENTIAL person.

Enjoy their personality.

Enjoy the subtle sexual energy.

Practice your conversational skills.

Think of this as one “seed.”

This works if you are a guy or a girl.

The more of these seeds you plant, the bigger your garden will grow.

And the more confident you’ll be.

Imagine having 5, 10, or even TWENTY of these people that you can talk to whenever you feel like it.

This will boost your social skills, boost your confidence, and increase the likelihood that a relationship will pop up where you least expect it.

And because you’ll have been practicing, you’ll be ready for it.

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