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Sizzling, Sensational Mutually Multi-Orgasmic Sex Life


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I had thought about suggesting this anyway but as on Tuesday I had this guy I was having a purely sexual (and open, we could see other people) thing with (since late July) ended it with me (sob!) and as well as being a gorgeous hunk, he was the best sexual lover of my life so it prompts me to do this even more and I think some people here will really love this idea too...something like Best sex of your life or rather 

Sensational Sex Life.  (Cos best sex of your life sounds more like a one time thing, no we want EVERY time to feel AWESOME, why not!) 


A video on having the best sex life.

You and whoever you have sex with have multiple orgasms, sex feels amazing for both of you.  There is great sexual and physical chemistry with anyone you have sex with (and so on and so on) you have incredible sex every time that feels fantastic for you and anyone you have sex with.


You know, one that whether you are a man, woman, straight, gay, bi, single or in a relationship or whatever you can use it to have a phenomenal sex life.  Not so much on attracting the lovers, as there are video requests for that already but more the QUALITY of the sex itself.

Sex that just makes you go WOW.

THAT sex with THAT guy made me go WOW.

And it made HIM go wow.  

And so yes sex life that makes you go wow video please that every time it erms aha hits the mark (sorry, couldn't resist the innuendo!)

Oh wait and that also yeah that sexual compatibility that you are both on the same page sexually in what you want to explore.  For e.g. two sexually dominant people or pardon me one wanting to get oral and the other not wanting to give, not a good match (neither of these were our problems, my point is something in there about being on the same page sexually with sex partners.  Having a wonderful time with sex.  Sex being exciting and enjoyable and mutually pleasurable and safe and fun!  Lasting as long as you want.  And feeling phenomenal and fantastic!


Let's not just attract sex, (with yummy people) let's attract GREAT sex.  Really REALLY great sex heh heh.  I think a sort of intuition comes into it, being able to say and them being able to say what you want sexually and kind of intuit each other a bit, sexually.  

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Hmmm and NOW the guy I had the sex thing with who ended it is trying to get me to come over for more? What?!  

No, way too warm and cozy at home   Go away! Ha ha I want to have amazing sex with or without him and I want the same for anyone here who also wants that. 

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