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Ultra Long Game Strategy


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One of the biggest “deep skills” you can develop is the long game.

This is considered  “deep skill” because it’s not only intangible, but it’s something that isn’t testable.

Developing the ability to play chess, for example, is a mental skill.

But it is something you can test and measure.

The same with many mental skills.

Usually this happens in school, or in any kind of work related certification.

You are given some information, you are tested on this information, and then if you can demonstrate that you KNOW this information, you’ll be given a piece of paper as proof.

Usually from a recognizable authority.

This is necessary for many reasons.

If you show up for a job saying you can do a bunch of stuff, but you don’t have any proof, the guy hiring you would have to take a risk.

On the other hand, if you had pieces of paper from recognized authorities showing that you indeed had those skills, there would be much less risk required on his part.

But other skills that don’t come with pieces of paper are also fairly measurable.

Sales is one of these.

You might say you can sell well.

Anybody who wanted to hire you could easily see whether or not you could sell in a short amount of time.

So even if you didn't any certificates or diplomas, you could still demonstrate this skill.

But some skills are skills that simply cannot be demonstrated.

At least in the short term.

They can be measured, they can’t be tested.

To the extent that they can, they are very, very subtle.

Hence the term, “deep skills.”

Like being able to play the long game.

Playing the long game means holding an intention in mind for a long time.

It necessarily has to be the SAME intention.

Most people start off with an intention, find out how hard it is to manifest that intention, and then CHANGE their intention.

And then because of the magic of hindsight bias, they pretend they HAD that intention all along.

But being able to hold the SAME intention (and not just pretend) is something that is very rare.

And it is only something that can be tested over a long time.

It’s also one of the most important skills in building a mutually enjoyable, emotionally and sexually satisfying relationship.

You have to FIRST have the kind of person in mind that you want to get with.

All based on NON-PHYSICAL criteria.

Then you have to HOLD that intention while you go looking for them.

Then when you FIND THEM, you have to build attraction and desire.

This requires very strong long game skills.

But here’s the thing.

If you can master the long game skills of relationship engineering, you can master ANYTHING.

Because in the game of life, the winners are the ones with the LONGEST game.

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