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One of the secrets of human nature is that we are all human.

And despite how different we feel on the inside, we are all very similar.

It’s just that our deep dreams, fears, and desires are something that we RARELY share.

So we think ours are different.

But they really aren’t.

If we all had fundamentally different internal wants and needs and fears, it would be impossible for any inventor to be successful.

If we all had DIFFERENT internal desires, no ONE invention or idea (or book or song or movie) would be popular to many people.

This means that as a human, you have secret inside information.

About how other humans think and feel.

But if you come at them with advice, it won’t work.

All inventions, for example, work because people can CHOOSE to buy them or not buy them.

If an inventor tried to be successful by showing on people’s doorstep, forcing himself in their homes, he wouldn’t be nearly as successful.

One way to create connections with others is by looking for similarities.

Not surface structure similarities, as in the same taste in TV or music, but in structural similarities.

This means you have to think in terms of structure.

Of how you perceive and describe your experience.

And how you can elicit their experience.

This takes a little bit of effort.

It’s much more detailed than memorizing some lines.

But will create much deeper, and much more powerful connections.

And since you’ll be creating a two-way connection, you can actually tell if they are compatible or not.

One mistake that is common is to create a deep connection, and only THEN start to wonder if you are compatible or not.

But by making connections based on structural similarities, rather than superficial surface similarities, it’s much more enjoyable.

And it’s much easier.

Since when you communicate like this with everybody, and it becomes who you are, the process is much more organic.

Since everything will be happening naturally and organically, it won’t feel nearly as nervous.

The best part is you can practice this communication style with non-romantic interests, and nobody will know.

But sooner or later, real romantic interests will make it VERY EASY on you.

Learn How:


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