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Everything must obey the laws of supply and demand.

If there is plenty of something, and not a lot of people want it, it’s not going to be worth much.

On the other hand, if something is scarce, and lots of people want it, it’s going to be worth plenty.

Many people get the idea of economics and relationships messed up.

When you go out for lunch, there are plenty of restaurants available.

But they each have food.

If you need a car, there are plenty of models available.

But they all essentially do the same thing.

The mistake comes when we think of things like SMV, or sexual market value.

This isn’t really appropriate since personal relationships are much more subjective.

A car, for example, has to have plenty of objective characteristics.

Only after those objective characteristic (price, color, gas mileage, etc.) are satisfied, does subjectivity come into play.

But when you are “shopping” for a relationship partner, there is MUCH more subjective difference from person to person.

Supply and demand, and many other economics ideas, usually assume a certain amount of uniformity across the available products.

But the difference between each individual is much different than between cars.

So the term, SMV, is not really appropriate.

Because relationships are all about how compatible people are.

When shopping for car, you either like the car or you don’t.

The car just sits there and is judged by the people shopping for cars.

The car doesn’t have a say in the matter.

But since relationships are WAY more subjective than shopping, AND compatibility is much more important, the idea of any kind of objective “value” is pretty ridiculous.

And by altering your communication, you can make yourself MUCH more valuable to pretty much anybody.

This is the whole point of things like education, learning and experience.

The person coming OUT of any learning experience is more valuable than the person going in.

This is good news.

Because the more you improve your “relationship skills” the more “valuable” of a relationship partner you’ll be to more people.

This will give you much more choice.

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