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My Brief History with George Hutton and How I became a Subliminal Creator Myself

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Hi! Hope you'll are having a productive day ...

I recently posted a blog on my website giving my audience a brief description of who George Hutton is, how I found his videos and why I promote his products ... thought of posting relevant parts from that blog here as well for those who are interested ...

You guys can share your history with George Hutton by replying to this thread below ... I'm looking forward to it :) 

How I came across George Hutton Subliminals?

If my memory serves me right, I believe I came across his videos 6-7 years ago on youtube.

I had just read 'The Secret' and successfully manifested a trip to Rome and a Sony Playstation.

When I came back from my trip, I wanted to manifest much more and faster.

I started looking at different 'law of attraction' videos by various gurus to become more proficient at the art of manifesting.

After a couple of days of binge watching, youtube randomly recommended a George Hutton subliminal video.

At first I didn't understand what it exactly was because it sounded like a bunch of people talking all at the same time.

I browsed through his entire video library which piqued my curiosity further.

After doing some more research on the topic of subliminal messages and hypnosis, I was completely hooked.

I found something that I was naturally wired and geared for.

My Success with Mind Persuasion:

I started listening to his videos all the time, while travelling, sleeping, at work, etc.

Slowly and steadily with consistent and persistent listening I felt a shift in my beliefs, behaviors and actions

The moment I got my mind right my goals started manifesting one after the other.

You can check out some of my success stories which I had posted on his forum couple of years back:

  1. Study Love and Speed Reading
  2. Fear of Driving
  3. Chick Magnet
  4. Financial Success

I have many more success stories which are not yet posted on the forum.

How I became a Subliminal Creator:

As I made more and more progress in different areas of my life with various George Hutton products ...

I felt inclined towards making my own customized subliminals.

After watching tutorials on youtube, I made my first tailor made subliminal recording.

With time, I became better at writing affirmations ...

Which gave me confidence to post my first subliminal on youtube titled 'Become An Alpha Male' (this version is different from the original subliminal)

I still remember how nervous and excited I felt before clicking the 'publish' button.

As time went by my channel slowly started to gain some traction and everyday I was getting more and more views and subscribers (my youtube channel was over 2 years old and had 23K subscribers before youtube terminated it. Now my entire focus in on my website as these third party applications are very unreliable).

Investing time and effort in my small venture and seeing it grow and take shape gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

I finally had something to offer to the world, something of substance.

Why I promote Mind Persuasion products?

I personally believe at the moment there is no one in the subliminal community providing value like George Hutton.

The amount of quality content you get for what you pay is insane!

Detailed manuals, exercises, work sheets in addition to the cutting edge subliminal recordings all for $39, I mean what else can you ask for?

Also, this guy knows his stuff inside out, it is very evident from his writing

His products are a perfect blend of the metaphysical and the real world which makes them unique and one of a kind.

Also, all Mind Persuasion products are designed to remove deep rooted subconscious blocks that are keeping you in a rut.

Give it time and you will start noticing a change in your beliefs

Your new beliefs will alter your behavior

Once your behavior changes your reality will change

I still use his products to this day and will continue to use them in the future as well

Promoting his products is just my way of saying thank you because my life has been on an upward trajectory ever since I came across his content.

-- Subliminal Shinobi

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13 hours ago, Marvelous said:

I will say when I listen to manifest men through your page I got a LOT of interest on the Bumble dating app. 

Curious...do you make custom subs for others?

As of now custom subliminals are not available. I may do them in the future. But, my interest lies in making a full course like George Hutton. tc!

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