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Are You A Maker Or A Hoper?


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One of the biggest transitions to make in life is from child to adult.

The childhood model to the adult model.

The childhood model says that there are some things that are out of our control, and it’s somebody else’s responsibility to provide those things for us.

The adult model says it’s completely our responsibility to get our needs met.

The more adult you can be, the more resourceful you’ll be.

The more you stay in the childhood model, the more dependent you’ll be on others.

Of course, many people don’t like this idea.

Not one bit.

People in power LOVE the childhood model.

That’s the MAIN REASON for their power.

“Put me in charge and I’ll make sure you get your needs met.”

This can work fine, for some things.

But other things REQUIRE we force ourselves into the adult mindset.

Whenever we are dealing with one-on-one relationships of any kind, the worst thing we can do is retreat into the childhood mindset, where we think we are ENTITLED to something from the other person.

This is different from clearly stated agreements and contracts.

On a fundamental level, a feeling of emotional entitlement is VERY unattractive.

Especially coming from an adult.

But most folks these days have some form of this “energy.”

Shaking it seems hard.

Impossible even.

But on the OTHER SIDE of that is immense power.

Once you fully embrace your responsibility, especially within romantic relationships, you can create anything you like.

This takes time and patience.

And you’ll have to release any fantasy of magic “just happening.”

But once you embrace your own responsible “creator,” you can create.

Creating is much better than sitting around waiting for something to happen.

Imagine two scenarios.

Both take place in the same location.

A location with plenty of attractive people you’d LOVE to get together with, for whatever reason.

Situation one is where you gaze out over the crowd, feeling powerless and “hoping” something will “happen.”

Situation two is when you feel powerful and are deciding which person with whom you’ll MAKE something happen.

Feeling total confidence that it will work just as you want it to.

Which situation would you prefer?

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