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Early Results plus a question on the Many voices technique. And even a thought/question on "Balance"


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I'm wondering how the subconscious can possibly sort through or make sense of the 256 voices or 1700-something voices.  Even the 28 at a time on the 4V master tracks seem almost completely unintelligible to me.  Apparently it can though as my experience shows.  I'd like to see any studies cited on how the mind can do this.  Or even George's professional opinion would be helpful.

I've only been listening to Manifesting Women, the 4VT master track for a few days.  That's 28 voices.  I've started listening to No Fear Game as well because I want to actually see something happen with women, not merely seeing that they are responding positively to me.

So far, the results are undeniable.  Women react very positively when I show them even a little interest.  Just a little eye contact or the slightest smile from me, and I see them getting very excited or smiling in that way that shows I'm making them feel very good about themselves.  This is an improvement.  Before I might show them the same signs (as far as I could tell) but see them react in the wrong way.  They simply weren't nearly as turned on.  My best guess or intuition tells me that I was still sending vibes of neediness mixed in with whatever positive signals I was giving.

I've even seen one woman completely tripping over herself with nervousness towards me.  She wasn't unattractive either.  It was a bit of a shock to see a woman behave in the same way a nervous or intimidated guy typically does.

I've tried subs before.  And seen my self worth/confidence/frame improve.  But the results came out wrong.  Women would see me as a high value guy but feel undervalued by me.  I would see a lot of women getting bitter around me.  Much in the same way as I would formerly feel bitter around "unattainable" hot women.

The other wrong end of the pendulum was when I would show them too much value, as mentioned above, coming across needy.  And they would not value that.  There seems to be this very careful balance of coming across as a valuable guy who finds them valuable.  I would appreciate George's thoughts on this.  Or anyone else's with a fair amount of experience.

These two programs appear to be helping me reach that right balance.  I'm seeing women more and more show interest in me.  And show that my showing interest in them is making them feel good about themselves.  Right on target.  Keeping my hopes up here for success with women soon.  I've waited far too long to get serious about this.  "Waited" on God...  plus Waited on my Oneitus(es) too many times.  Results were not good.  Changing the game here.

Thank you for your work George.  And for any feedback.

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I meant to include this evidence of Manifest Women working in my original post.  Even though I had only listened to it the night before for the first time, Theta while falling asleep, and even though it was in the Master Mix. (I'm talking about the Frame track) So it was just 4 voices among the hum of 28 unintelligible voices.  Apparently it worked.  The next day at work I had a guy/co-worker do his best to get under my skin.  It's hard to describe what he was doing but let's just say he was pumping out a good deal of negative energy verbally and at a quick pace, incessantly.  Kind of nagging in a loud voice his disapproval.  It was the kind of thing that would make it hard for anyone to focus on the task at hand.  But I found myself doing just that, I focused on my task, and got it done.  

He wasn't able to take me off course.  His loud continuous antagonizing became a quiet background noise in my mind.  I just automatically tuned it out as non-relevant.  When I did respond, I did so very calmly and rationally.  I think I dominated the frame by showing by contrast how non-cool he was being, when he wanted to dominate by making me appear like I needed his "correction".  So the Frame track really stepped up and showed itself at work.  Very very cool.


Edit:  A word of warning for anyone building up their frame.  For guys especially from my experience.  Could be for ladies too.  I believe it's an integral part of personal growth.  However, don't be surprised.  It will cause guys to develop some sort of hatred for you.  They will challenge you and your frame more often.  Seems like people with low self worth really can't stand or even know how to interpret someone without a low sense of self worth.  On the positive side, this could help us find better friends and business partners. 

Another plus side to building your frame is that even though it will be challenged more often, you will win the frame war more often.  You gain more victories from fights you didn't even start.  And that further builds your frame.  It's a peculiar journey from leaning on everyone else for how you feel about yourself to gaining independence.  Worth it.

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The words aren't supposed to be understood consciously. They go straight to the unconscious. They work best when combined with a strong focus on an intention, as an image. Conscious mind can only comprehend a small fraction of what the subconscious can comprehend. To accelerate results, make your intention (visualization) only slightly BETTER than what you are currently accomplishing. Then as you improve, continue to push the intention further out. Small consistent results add up quickly. Virtuous cycle kind of thing.

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That's very apply-able advice.  Thank you, I will use it.  

I was wondering if the voices are physically (not the best word for it) able to be separated from one another.  Could a sufficiently powerful computer separate the voices or do the tones blend into one sound.  It's a question only from my rational mind.  Again, my experience shows this is working.

While I'm still a newby here, I have to praise your work.  I've been an extensive user of Inner Talk(c) and other powerful technologies.  What I know is that most of them create an imbalance.  Somehow your scripts are put together ingeniously.  I'm not becoming overly confident, pissing people off, or overly nice and getting pitied for example.  You are really putting me right on target.

The frame wars I mentioned above; even they are clearing up.  I'm maintaining a more solid frame, and yet guys are starting to want to be my friends too.  It must be that increased Social Circle track working right alongside the Frame track.

Still new, but very excited about your work.  To me this is the stuff of miracles.

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I dont think MW was intended to make all the women around you become content with you. It was made to showcase you as a high value male, so youll be better at attracting women, not for making all women around you happy and pleased. The Western woman is a possessive creature, if they cant get what they want they sulk about it, or get pissed off and bitter like you say. Thats part of the game as a HVM (high value male) theirs gonna be women who miss out. Period. As a HVM one of the first things you will have to overcome are females your not interested in coming on to you flirting with you, and trying to hook up with you. Because you are a man, and men focus on the visual, theses females you have little or no interest in are probably unattractive to you, they will try to pick up on you before the attractive women will. Most attractive women have much more pride and are more blaise in the dating game, they care less because their "preselected"  causing them to send more subtle clues than unattractive or average looking women ... In my experience, unattractive women are more bold in approaching and flirting than attractive women, although attractive women still have potent choosing signals they do send. Attractive women have way more options and are hit on much more than unattractive women, so putting to much value in them is a big NO NO. My best bet with you is to deal with average looking women first, after you had sex with a couple of them your confidence will grow exponentially. When I mean average that doesn't mean unattractive, average means your attracted, but not that much, she might have some cute qualities about her, but she doesn't really cut the cake for you idealistically. Highly attractive women would probably respond better if you undervalued them a bit more. Not totally but much more than you try to impute, highly attractive women are extremely narcissistic and love a challenge, some to the point of being emotionally abused and highly neglected. Is this right ? Not really .. but its the way of the world and this behavior permeates thru all societies to a strong degree. ( I travel ). My advice to you is to pick up Girlfriend Generator and do the "girlfriend criteria worksheet"( subs too ) and Secret Agent Persuasion, good communication dissolves a lot of disgruntled energies that surround you. 7 Laws of Power I also suggest, and Emotional Resonance and God Frame from Cult Leader is a muther.

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