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Everything runs in cycles.

One of the misconceptions of the yin-yang idea is that it's static.

The actual symbol, the circle with a half swirl of black and a half swirl of white is based on the sun.

It represents the sunrise and sunsets throughout the year.

As such, the entire yin-yang idea is based on continuous movement.

Yin is ALWAYS turning into Yang, and Yang is ALWAYS turning into Yin.

If anybody (especially somebody who wants your $$) tells you your yin-yang is out of balance, they don't know what they are talking about.

A great way to think about this is your breath.

Breathing in and out is like a circle.

At the top, your lungs are full.

But you only stay there for a little bit.

At the bottom, your lungs are empty.

But you only stay there for a little bit.

At the top and the bottom, is when your lungs are moving the slowest.

As they fill to completely, and empty completely.

When they are halfway (going in or going out) is when they are going the fastest.

Desire for O2 turns into a desire to get rid of CO2.

In and out.

You can say the same for the tide, the moon, the Earth, the seasons, and the sun.

And up until recently, there was another very essential human behavior that followed this age old natural pattern.

Working perfectly.

But it doesn't work so much.

A similar structure to breathing, but is much more conscious and longer, is eating.

Ideally, we go a long time being hungry.

Being driven by hunger.

The we find something and feast.

Sometimes these feasts had huge significance.

Communities planned for months.

Planning, wanting, feasting.

As soon as you cross the threshold from wanting to eating, it's like the top of the breath.

Soon you are full.

But another cycle that is much longer is two lovers.

Being separate and wanting to be together.

Having ONLY the memory of each other.

The longer they are apart, the MORE they enjoy each other.

Of course, being together forever is only a good idea in theory.

Kind of like when you are hungry and you really believe you could eat a horse.

But within an hour, you realize you can't eat another bite.

Once you see your love, you can't get enough of them.

But then maybe days or weeks pass, and you need to get out there in the world again.

Get in the game.

And the missing each other begins.

Today, this is very difficult.

If you don't get a text every five minutes, you think he or she is cheating on you.

But this MISSING is absolutely necessary.

So are many other things.

If you can consciously build them, you can recreate deep and lasting love.

With anybody.

Learn How:


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