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Do You Take The Easy Way Out?


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I was watching a documentary the other day about rehab.

The theme was pretty common.

They took a group of addicts, and put them to work on a farm.

One of the ideas behind it is that one needs to be able to deal with physical and emotional discomfort, trial and error type setbacks.

But without the crutch of any mind altering chemicals to ease any pain.

We are hard wired to move toward pleasure and away from pain.

Normally, this is a good thing.

Even the pain part.

Without pain, there is no motivation to improve.

The most successful people say to get better faster, you need to fail more.

Failure is the BEST way to learn anything.

Practice of any sort, be it sports or music, is essentially trial and error learning.

When you do things right, there is no pain, but there is no learning.

Without night, there is no day.

Without winter, no summer.

Human pain, both emotional and physical, is a necessary message.

To NOT do something, and do something else.

Some pain and discomfort (the dark of night, the cold of winter) we just have to anticipate and prepare for.

But other pain is absolutely necessary.

Or, it USED to be necessary.

Hunger doesn't feel good to anybody.

So hunger had to be STRONG enough to motivate us to WORK to create the food we needed.

But today, many people are brainwashed into thinking that pain of discomfort of ANY sort is bad, and should be avoided at all costs.

This is essentially the core of those rehab programs.

Learn to work, learn to try and fail and bounce back.

All without taking any shortcuts.

Today, there are many, many shortcuts.

Most of which won't land you in rehab.

But they are JUST as debilitating.

Even more so.

They slowly eat up your precious time when you COULD be busily learning money making skills and rewarding social skills.

If you take a good hard look at ALL of our modern problems, they stem from having ancient instincts in a VERY modern lifestyle.

Nowhere is this more obvious that in our romantic relationships.

Ask most "game aware" guys and they'll say to "next" at the first sign of trouble.

Meaning if your girl isn't behaving right, ditch her and get somebody else.

Because this wasn't possible before, people were FORCED to deal with their issues.

Some people say it's better this way.

Others are very, very lonely.

Luckily, if you want to, you CAN build and maintain an INSANELY happy relationship from the ground up.

It won't be "set and forget" easy like an oven, but it is possible.

And since having a healthy relationship is the foundation for a successful life, you might want to consider it.

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