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Is Your Relationship Like An Oven?


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Some of the best advice is also the oldest.

Depsite how many improvements in thinking and technology, humans are still humans.

Jesse Livermore, for example, was a famous stock trader way back before and during the Great Depression.

He wrote a famous book which was a fictionalized autobiography.

In it he describes how stocks go up and down based on human emotions.

Human emotions which are as old as the hills.

So while technology improves, science improves, ideas about physical health continue to improve, human emotions will ALWAYS be the same.

It is for this reason that many historians say the history is not linear, but cyclical.

Even in economics they have the idea of a "business cycle."

Booms followed by busts followed by booms.

One way that human emotions are always the same is in human relationships.

Having a positive and healthy relationship can make everything MUCH easier.

Having a negative relationship or no relationship can make everything much more difficult.

One of the main problems in modern society is modern society itself.

Don't get me wrong, no way would I ever even CONSIDER living without modern technology.

But it does come with it's problems.

One of the most obvious is our never ending hunger.

Way back in the day, it was GOOD to always be hungry.

Because always being hungry was a very strong motivating factor to succeed.

Today, hunger needs to be carefully managed.

Relationships are kind of the same.

Today we have so much choice, it can be very difficult to consciously create the right relationship.

But just like you can manage your health by consciously eating healthy food, you can manage your relationships by consciously creating and maintaining healthy relationships.

One of the biggest mistakes people make about modern relationships is that the like that famous TV oven.

Set and forget.

This is how they work in the beginning, but the longer you want them to last, the more you need to consciously manage them.

Kind of like when we are young, we can get away with eating anything we want.

But as we get older, we have to be more careful about how we eat.

When relationships are in the early phase, they are pretty easy.

But as they grow, they need to be managed.

Managed well, they can be incredibly rewarding and insanely beneficial.

Left to grow on their own, they CAN become a horror show of emotional anguish.

Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best isn't exactly the best strategy.

What is?



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