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I read a fantastic book a long time ago.

Very easy to understand, very accessible.

It even had plenty of funny pictures

It was written by a husband and wife team.

They write a lot of books about self-help type stuff, but from a scientific perspective.

This particular book, "Why Men Don't Listen and Why Women Can't Read Maps," is all about the REAL differences between men and women.

The last 1/4 of the book is references to all the scientific studies.

What was most impressive was that overall, everything about us humans can be understood by understanding where we come from.

Not anything esoteric, but biologically.

We lived the LONGEST time as hunter-gathers.

So all of our instincts were calibrated during that environment.

For example, men have very long range, but NARROW vision.

Since they were always hunting.

Women, on the other hand, have more short range but very WIDE vision.

Because they were always gathering.

Men don't talk, because talking while hunting is NOT a good idea.

Women talk all the time, because talking while gathering is perfectly fine.

So a good mental model of WHY we have any particular human characteristic is by imagining a hunter-gatherer environment.

Anything we have TODAY, that we DIDN'T have back then is a source of massive problems.

Food was scarce back then, but not today.

Being always HUNGRY today was GOOD back then, but it's NOT good today.

More than 2/3 of adult humans are overweight because of this.

Another situation that is MUCH different today is how men and women interact.

How we interact, what we say to each other, when we say it, how often we say it.

Very much like food, we have TOO MUCH ACCESSIBILITY to each other today, and it causes problems.

But there are plenty of other things that also cause plenty of problems.

Which is why if you just wing it, relationship wise, you'll have a very LOW success rate.

Falling IN love (or lust) is EASY.

Maintaining it is the HARD part.

Back then, the "set and forget" strategy was perfectly fine.

But so was the "eat anything you can" strategy.

Both hunger and relationships require CONSTANT management today.

With food, it's easy.

Well, what to do, specifically, isn't complicated.

The same with relationships.

What to do isn't so complicated.

But knowing is only half the battle.

But just like diet and exercise, if you COULD manage to eat healthy and exercise, you WOULD have a healthy body.

(BTW, wonder why the hottest diet today is called the PALEO diet?)

With relationships, if you COULD manage to do what you NEED to do, you WOULD be able to create a deep, loving, healthy relationship with ANYBODY.

Learn How:


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