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They say that behind every man is a good woman.

Or at least they used to say that way back in the day.

Before the dating scene became a jumble of confusion.

Most don't even call it dating any more.

With so many dating apps and hook up techniques, it's a wonder we can still function.

It's even getting dangerous to talk about dating in any kind of "old fashioned" sense because you might offend certain people.

But if you look at the raw, bare statistics, stronger and healthier relationships tend to make for a better society.

Imagine, for example, you were a hiring manager.

You were also the owner of the company.

If the company did good, you'd be rich.

If the company failed, you'd be in the poorhouse.

And YOU had to decide who got hired and who didn't.

Which candidates would you prefer?

Those in stable relationships with stable people?

Or folks who hooked up with whoever, whenever, and figured they'd worry about the fallout later?

I watched a documentary a while back on Netflix.

All about the modern "hookup" culture.

And since they were purposely making a documentary on hookups, they went to the one place where hookups happen the most.

Spring Break at some Florida beach.

They followed young gals and guys around.

They talked to them before the hookups.

They talked to them after the hookups.

But they both seemed to have a longing for the "good old days."

Even the folks that were hooking up the most were wishing it wasn't like that.

Makes sense, from a biological perspective.

This might make a lot of folks angry.

See, our instincts were calibrated during a MUCH DIFFERENT environment.

Our hunger, for example, is BEST when it's underfed.

Meaning we are best when we are ALWAYS hungry.

Not starving, not too weak to move, but hungry.

It keeps us motivated.

Similar with our sex and romance instinct.

It's best when we are always sexually and romantically hungry.

Not starving, not too broken hearted to leave the house.

But always JUST about to get some.

Even within the same relationship.

But just like having food everywhere makes everybody fat and unhealthy, the same thing tends to happen when sex is available everywhere.

Modern relationships are just as unhealthy as modern bodies.

But just like with conscious thought, you can engineer perfect body, you can engineer the perfect relationship.

Learn How:


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