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Ridiculous Quantum Metaphors


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Linguists tell us we use metaphors all the time.

Even when we aren't aware of it.

Most of us think of metaphors as these beautiful way of describing feelings.

Something that belongs in the realm of poetry, literature, music and film.

But generally speaking, a metaphor is any shortened description of an underlying process that is too complicated for our monkey brains to understand.

Sometimes this results in some interesting scenarios.

Once upon a time the only physics was Newtonian physics.

Stuff we could see and describe.

So the metaphors used to describe macro events like apples falling from trees was pretty simple.

But then quantum physics was invented.

And the world of quantum physics is WAY different than Newtonian physics.

So different that we humans don't even have the language to describe it.

We HAVE to use metaphors.

The problem is that if you are really good at coming up with descriptive metaphors, you don't tend to go into physics.

You tend to become a writer, or a poet, or an artist.

That's kind of the whole point of the arts.

To describe deep and powerful things that CAN'T be described in words.

So now we've got the people who are the LEAST artistic (physicists) coming up with metaphorical descriptions of the nature of reality.

This is why subatomic particles have such goofy names and properties.

There is actually a property of subatomic particles called "strangeness."

This is what happens when you get a bunch of science geeks trying to come up with appropriate metaphors for reality.

Other metaphors make perfect sense.

The kind linguists say we use all the time.

Whenever we use an intangible (imaginary) noun, we use it AS IF it were a real object.

And these object-names TOTALLY make sense.

(unlike the word "strangeness." Seriously, WTF?)

When you are "participating" in a meeting at work, we naturally use the preposition "in."

Because although we think of a meeting as an intangible thing, we think of it AS IF it were a container.

Love and relationships are other "container" words.

These two simple words are metaphors for much more complex underlying complexes.

But we think of them AS IF they were containers.

We are IN love.

We are IN a relationship.

But more interesting is HOW we "get" into different containers.

We GO to a meeting.

We have a discussion or slowly BUILD a relationship.

But what about love?

How do we GET into that wonderful container?


Like walking down the street, staring at our phone, and falling into an open manhole.


This is why creating love can seem so difficult.

The good news is you can CREATE the feeling of love.

In anybody you want.

And from THEIR perspective, it feel very much like falling in love.

With you.

Learn How:


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