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The Impossibility Of Mastery


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The idea of mastery is both compelling and impossible.

Compelling because if you are a master of anything, that usually comes with a lot of benefits.

Fame, fortune respect, etc.

But impossible because mastery implies something is complete.

How could you possibly master the piano, or any instrument?

There will always be new composers, new musical styles, new ways of expressing musical thought.

You might be able to master something simple like baking a cake.

But any time any human CAN actually "master" a process, where it's considered "perfect," then how is that different from automation?

You can make a machine that would "master" the production of anything.

And once you have a machine that can produce something, it is in large supply (or can be in large supply) and "mastered product" can be purchased very cheaply.

Once you start getting into anything that involves other people, mastery becomes even MORE impossible.

Since everybody else that is involved will be equally trying to achieve "mastery."

Sports, or any competition will always have an uncertain outcome.

And the ideas of "mastery" and "uncertainty" don't seem to mix.

However, if you define mastery as an orientation, one pointed toward CONTINUOUS improvement, then you might have something.

World class athletes and musicians and performers PRACTICE more than anything else.

So long as they are in the game, they NEVER feel as if they are "good enough" and don't need to practice.

Every single day they are striving to "get better." 

No matter what you do for work, for fun, for your hobby, you likely feel the same way.

Whatever it is you do, you probably would like to do it better.

Even on those days when everything works PERFECTLY, part of you realizes those days are few and far between.

This is the human condition.

And inward orientation to your relationship with the world and how you "perform" or "behave" when you interact with the world.

Every living breathing human has a DESIRE to "be better" than they are.

The difference is how you respond to that desire.

Is it always a mere wish, that you feel is out of your control?

Or do you identify with that as your prime PURPOSE.

Do always IMPROVE yourself?

For most people, it's a mix.

Some days we feel on purpose.

Other days we feel like we're getting knocked around like a ping pong ball in a hurricane.

That desire will always be there.

So will your ability to respond to that desire.

What will YOU do?

Get Better:


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