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All Are Called - But Few Respond


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Once upon a time there were only a few people on Earth.

Each one of us lived in small tribes.


Continuously wandering.

Searching for better places.

Then we invented farming, and kept spreading.

Through the age of empires, kingdoms grew and fell.

The nomadic desire to discover had been transformed into a desire to conquer.

Now with much of the earth occupied, we still have that deep desire.

To find, do and discover new things.

Some look to other planets.

Regardless of who you are, what your background is, you have that ancient itch.

The one that will always remind you that what you have isn't always enough.

There will always be more.

More knowledge, deeper relationships, richer experiences.

Although our technology is vastly different, we are still the same people.

Our hearts still yearn for the same new things.

This can a source of frustration.

Or it can be a source of great inspiration.

The same stories have been told since the dawn of time for this same reason.

Every generation has it's collection of heroes.

Going on questions, facing down enemies, and saving their people.

Joseph Campbell called him the "hero with 1000 faces."

Because you'll find him everywhere.

In ancient epic sagas, and in modern comic books.

And in you.

You have the same desire for greatness as every one of your heroes.

The question is, will you obey that deep instinct?

Or will you ignore it?

Either way, the earth and all the people will continue.

The choice is yours.

Nobody will push you but you.

But plenty will try and stop you.

Maybe because they feel threatened.

Maybe because they fear being left behind.

Will you let them stop you?

Or will you press on?

Find Out:


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