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Basketball Cake Mistakes


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NLP is often called the "study of excellence."

That's a pretty nifty marketing label, but it misses the point.

One one hand, you can reverse engineer success.

But only to a degree.

Suppose you wanted to copy somebody that was successful.

And they were doing something you were just starting.

Something very common.

Like shooting free throws or playing scales on the piano.

You might copy how they stand, how they move their body.

Maybe even talk to them and elicit how they think.

What they believe.

But eventually, you would have to try yourself.

And it would take a while.

Because even simple things like shooting free throws and playing the piano take practice.

Another word for "practice" is trial and error.

Every time you shoot a free throw, for example, you have more data in your brain.

About what works and what doesn't work.

The more data you have, the better you'll do.

But you need BOTH data.

Both what works, and what doesn't.

The more you have of BOTH, the better you'll do.

A common metaphor is a missile guidance system.

That the human success mechanism, a goal seeking mechanism, is like a missile guidance system.

Always correcting slightly.

How do we humans correct?

We can only correct AFTER we've gone "off course."

Every time you shoot a free throw and miss to the left, you aim a little bit right.

Every time you come up short you shoot a little bit harder.

Every single step gives you both data.

The least amount of feedback comes when you shoot perfectly.

Only when you miss are you given feedback of what NOT to do.

The more you fail, the sooner you'll succeed.

This isn't what a lot of people like to hear.

Few people enjoy failing.

People want a step by step, GUARANTEED success system.

That might work if you are baking a cake.

Or doing something else that pretty much ANYBODY can do.

But if you want to differentiate yourself, by doing things few others can, you'll have to go through TONS of trial and error.

The more you see LIFE was one long trial and error experiment, the better.

Whatever you can conceive, you can achieve.

But in between conception and achievement is your life's journey.

FILLED with endless trial and error endeavors.

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