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When I was a kid I did a lot of backpacking.

In explorer scouts (a division of boy scouts), we would do these week long trips during the summer.

The first part was always the hardest.

Up and over some huge pass.

But once you got past the hard part, the next several days were pretty amazing.

Huge valleys, plenty of lakes (with lots of fish), wild animals, and no people.

They say that humans are more or less the same as we've been for the past 20,000 years or so.

Psychologically, physiologically, mentally.

All the stuff we think of as modern, and all of our beliefs are transmitted generationally.

We learned from our parents and our environment, they from theirs, etc.

Theoretically, if you took a modern baby and swapped it with a cave baby from 20,000 years ago, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

The cave baby would grow up in the modern world, and learn all about the modern world, and wouldn't know any different.

The modern baby would crow up in caveman land, and learn from all the cave people, and not know any different.

This means our modern instincts are BUILT for caveman land.

We don't need to learn any of that stuff.

Of getting up every day and going out into the world, uncertain what would happen.

Only knowing that you've got to try.

And that learning from trial and error is the ONLY way to get better.


Of course, we grow up surrounded by ideas and modern education that tells us we have to play it safe.

That there are certain social rules we have to follow.

And if we break those rules, all kinds of bad things will happen.

But deep within you are the very SAME instincts that led ancient humans to conquer the planet.

We ALL have those conquering instincts.

So, the money question.

What will YOU conquer?

Every inventor, every scientist, every entrepreneur, every writer and storyteller, they are using their ancient conquering genes in very modern ways.

How will you use YOUR conquering genes?

Find Out:


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