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Nobody Is Coming To Save You


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We live in a very modern world with tons of conveniences.

If you were to pick any time period in the history of mankind, it would be very unlikely to be alive today.

They say that humans are anatomically, physiologically and mentally the same as we've been for 50,000 years.

Any 100 year period out of the past 50,000 years is a chance of 1/500.

And you'd only have a 1/230 chance of landing AFTER 1800.

Just being alive TODAY is unlikely and very lucky.

Life was much harder even 50 years ago.

But in some ways, life was better back then.

How's that?

One thing that is missing from many people's lives today is PURPOSE.

Many people feel like they are going through the motions.

Without much enthusiasm.

Now, you could get very metaphysical and esoteric.

Or you could find a very SIMPLE difference.

And one VERY SIMPLE difference is in the incentives.

Up until very recently, all our incentives were EXTERNAL and very UNFORGIVING.

Nobody had to be "motivated."

There was no need for motivational speakers or ideas about finding one's purpose.

Back then, your environment FORCED you to get things done.

Because if you didn't, you'd get left behind.

Today, if you want to achieve greatness, you have to be motivated mostly by INTERNAL incentives.

It's very easy to relax, get most of your needs met.

But it's also easy to get most of your needs met and never feel like you're doing much that is worth much.

This is one reason why we LOVE hero's journey movies.

In most of those movies, the hero is FORCED onto their path.

We would LOVE to have that happen.

Something to come along and MAKE US leave our comfort zone.

Maybe we'll get bit by a radioactive spider.

Maybe a tornado will take us to Oz.

Maybe we'll find out an evil wizard killed our REAL parents.

Maybe stormtroopers will show up, kill everybody, and FORCE us to go on a mission.

Maybe, but probably not.

If YOU don't force YOURSELF out of your comfort zone, nobody will.

What are you waiting for?

Get Started:


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