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Role models are absolutely essential.

They're not something that is helpful, or useful.

They are absolutely vital.

Primarily because we humans MUST learn by copying other humans.

Only in the past couple decades has it been possible to learn something so technical that you can sort of think your way through.

But since the dawn of time, humans have been learning from other humans.

Psychologists have DECADES of data that show this.

But this is one of those things that we DON'T want to acknowledge.

The mountains of data indicate our adult personalities are made up primarily from TWO sources.

Our genetics, and our non-family peer group.

Each one contributes about half.

And as much as we'd like to believe, our genetics aren't very changeable.

At least not yet.

That leaves us with our non-family peer group.

The people we hang with and learn from.

Every parent KNOWS that one of the worst things that can happen to their kids is to start hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Parents intuitively know that kids can "soak up" both good and bad behaviors.

And once we humans soak up bad behaviors, it's hard to get rid of them.

This is how unconscious learning happens.


It's not something we can choose to do.

We do it whether we like it nor not.

So our role models aren't only the kind that society tells us we need.

But the people we hang around most of the time.

This is also what the experts always tell us.

If you want to be successful, hang around successful people.

If you want to be the best hunter, convince the best hunter to let you tag along and learn from him.

If you want to be the best athlete, hang around the best athletes.

Humans in our deep creativity, figured out a POWERFUL way to make this easier than we think.

Turns out our role models don't need to be real.

They can be IMAGINARY.

Napoleon Hill did this.

He created his own mastermind group filled with historical figures.

He would meet with them once a week.

Actually have drawn out conversations.

But you don't have to do that.

In fact, there are PLENTY of ready-made mastermind groups.

You can find them EVERYWHERE.

These are the stories we humans have been telling each other since the dawn of time.

Since humans discovered long, long ago, that if we carry around a huge collection of heroic role models, we'll be able to step up much better.

Unfortunately, we've been conditioned to see these modern stories mental escape hatches.

Entertainment only.

But YOU don't have to.

You can learn to use ANY story the way they were intended.

As role models.

Mastermind groups.


Learn How:


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