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How To Conquer Your Fears


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Economics is called the dismal science for a lot of reasons.

One is because it's pretty boring.

But another deeper reason is it FORCES us to face the harsh realities.

And since this is something we humans like to do as little as possible, it's called the dismal science.

It FORCES us to think NOT in the abstract.

Of realizing what things costs.

Both in direct costs (what we need to pay or do to get things) and in opportunity costs (the things we CAN'T get).

One of the reasons we have wishes instead of goals is that goals require understanding EXACTLY what it will take to GET your goals.

Like NOT doing what you've been doing.

And spending a lot of time doing UNCOMFORTABLE things.

Like exercising, or saving money, or anything that involves delayed gratification.

Wishes, on the other hand, are always out in the vague future.

Where we can sit around and hope for some kind of MAGIC to happen.

But as soon as we realize the TRUTH about what it will actually take to GET our goals, they suddenly don't seem to desirable anymore.

Another thing we humans HATE is any kind of risk.

We would all love to be told EXACTLY what to do.

Step by step process.

But one of the ideas buried in economics is the idea of supply and demand.

The MORE of something that there is (increase in supply) the LESS valuable it is going to be.

And if there actually WAS a simple, step by step system to do ANYTHING, then ANYBODY could do it.

And doing that thing (whatever it was) wouldn't be worth very much.

So here we are.

Stuck in reality.

And the things that are WORTH getting are either going to be DIFFICULT (like exercising and not eating as much as you want EVERY DAY), or uncertain.

Uncertainty means you HAVE to take risks, and LEARN from mistakes.

Learning from books won't work, since EVERYBODY can learn from books.

But learning from TRIAL AND ERROR is terrifying.

So few people can do it.

But if you WANT to get what few people get, then you'll have to do what few people can do.

Namely, the difficult things, and the risky things.

Luckily, we ALL have that instinct buried deep within us.

It won't make it easy.

But doing the NOT EASY stuff is what humans are made of.

It's why WE conquered the planet, and not penguins. Or kangaroos.

But most of us have been brainwashed into thinking all we modern people need to do is sit back and wait for ours.

That's easy.

Everybody can do that.

Do what few people can do.

Explore your life.

Conquer your fears.

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