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A very common marketing angle is "set and forget."

The world famous rotisserie oven is based on that simple idea.

The guy in that famous infomercial selling the "set and forget" oven has been all over the place.

But this idea is common and very enticing.

That all you need to do is flip a couple of switches, punch a bunch of buttons and then sit back.

Even way back when "I Love Lucy" was on TV, there was one conversation between Ricky and Fred.

Ricky was complaining that he has to go to work every day.

While Fred just "sits back" and "watches the money roll in."

Fred, of course, looked at him like he was crazy.

In reality, very few things are "set and forget."

This only really works for things like ovens.

Ovens, by nature, need to be maintained under constant temperature and pressure for a certain amount of time.

In that regard, ALL things that are baked or roasted are "set and forget."

Every Thanksgiving turkey is "set and forget."

But if all you did was "set and forget" you would have problems.

Everybody would have to sit around a big piece of meat and take bites directly out of it.

Humans are natural multi-taskers.

While one thing has been set, and is going (while we are forgetting about it) we are always doing other stuff.

Rarely do we sit back and "watch the money roll in."

Any kind of endeavor is more accurately "adapt or die."

It's kind of like the Red Queen in "Alice in Wonderland."

You have to keep running just to stay even.

Everything is an organically evolving balancing act.

Unless you keep learning, growing and increasing your skills, you are in danger of getting left behind.

Most people don't like to hear this.

Some people get angry when they hear this.

They'd rather believe in magic.

In the idea that they can just sit back and "receive."

But it's not like that.

Every human who ever did anything worth noting, remembering and celebrating, did so through continuous effort and learning and the overcoming of never ending obstacles.

We all have our favorite excuses.

Why we can't do what ultra successful people can do.

Maybe one of the main reasons for their ultra success is they ignored these common excuses.

And instead, they just got in the game and gave it all they had.

Left it on the field, so to speak.

Ultimately, it's up to you.

Whether you are going to watch other people live.

Or live yourself.

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