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We will always have a huge collection of unmet desires.

One of the biggest cons of modern society is that we can get anything and everything we want.

And that all we need is to want, and we shall have.

That just having an identified need is all we require to fulfill it.

Economics is called the dismal science for a reason.

It forces us to ask a very difficult question:

At what cost?

Because everything we do manage to get WILL cost something.

Somebody needs to produce it.

Even if it's made by robots, somebody has to make and maintain the robots.

Somebody needs to acquire the raw materials to feed the robot to make the "thing" that we think we "deserve" for free.

This is a very, very recent idea.

Maybe in the last 30 years or so.

For the previous six million years since we split from chimps, and however many millions years before that, getting our needs met was a struggle.

A daily, dangerous struggle.

Only recently have we been able to convince ourselves of this illusion.

That wanting is all that's required for having.

Because at the same time, there's never been such a HUGE gap between super rich and everybody else.

It's almost as if they've purposely created that myth.

The idea of only needing to want in order to get.

That way, most of us would sit around wanting.

While the rich are secretly getting.

But even if you DO get stuff that keeps daily struggles away, it's not satisfying.

Humans weren't created to passively receive.

To imagine stuff and have it poof into existence.

We were MEANT to struggle. 

Because in the struggle is when we are FORCED to live up to our potential.

Suicides are at an all time high.

Drug addiction is at an all time high.

This is what happens when we are TRICKED into thinking that all we need to do is ASK and we shall somehow RECEIVE.

Without TRUE purpose, we are useless.

What IS our purpose?

What is YOUR purpose?

That's what we're supposed to do.

Not sit around and wait.

Not sit around and hope.

But to get in the game, and get some.

To RISE to the occasion.

To fulfill our purpose.

Our human destiny.

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