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Humans and chimps have 98% similar DNA.

Most of us don't like to think of ourselves as animals.

We like to believe that, as humans, we are special.

From inside our own brains, it sure seems that way.

But tons of experiments say otherwise.

The Milgram experiment shows we'll do whatever an authority figure tells us do.

Few will resist.

The Asch experiment shows that we'll do whatever our social peers will do, even when we KNOW it's the wrong thing.

Few will resist.

If you walk down the street and accidentally make eye contact with somebody, it will be HARD to not bump into them.

Because once we make eye contact, we AUTOMATICALLY get into rapport.

It's hard to not bump into them (and them into us) because we are AUTOMATICALLY mirroring each other.

Even when BOTH of us are consciously trying to NOT bump into each other, EACH of us (or our subconscious minds) are mirroring each other.

If you have ever decided to try the willpower diet, you know how impossible it is.

When our INSTINCTS tell us to do something, it's impossible to resist.

(Just like the Borg: Resistance Is Futile!)

So, despite how "distasteful" it may seem to compare ourselves to chimps, it's also VERY helpful.

One thing they notice when studying chimps is STATUS is EVERYTHING.

The higher the status, the "better" the life.

With high enough status, sex (relationships) and food (money) is a RESULT.

Below a certain status, both sex and food has to be chased.

One DOES NOT equate to the other.

Quite often, the MORE you chase one, the LESS you get of the other.

This only goes for those chimps BELOW a certain level of social status.

Above a certain level, both sex and food are a result.

This very much seems to be true in human animals as well.

The more STATUS you have, the EASIER things are.

So, the MONEY question, how, exactly does one GET status?

Luckily, for us humans, there are PLENTY of ways.

You can invent something, like Gates.

Become a world class investor, like Buffet.

You can play sports really well.

You can be a charismatic politician.

But there is a MUCH EASIER way.

One thing that triggers the "that person has high status" instinct is standing up and speaking.

When there are a bunch of people sitting and listening, and one guy or gal is standing up and talking, the person talking is going to AUTOMATICALLY trigger the "high status" instinct in EVERYBODY.

Despite how terrifying it might seem, getting up and speaking will trigger that high status instinct.

But you can make it MUCH more powerful.

By speaking hypnotically.

By moving people's minds in way that will LAST.

Kind of like creating a high status MEME of YOU.

That will spread from brain to brain.

Like a virus.

Learn How:


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