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How To Destroy Your Competition


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If you want to be successful, you can go about it two ways.

One is to do what people say you should do to be successful.

Another is to simply try different things and see what works.

If all you did was do what people told, you wouldn't get very far.

Because they would see you as somebody to easily take advantage of.

Since you were always asking others what to do.

On the other hand, if all you did was learn by trial and error, it may take a LONG time.

Naturally, you need a mix of both.

One way to "kind of" ask others what to do is not ask directly.

If you carefully watch what others do, you will learn a lot.

But this only gives you HALF of the story.

If that.

Why only half?

Because if you are going to copy success, you not only have to copy what successful people do, but what they don't do.

But you can't really tell what they don't do, since they aren't doing it.

And you'd also have to find out what and how they are thinking.

So, just ask them, right?


Because if they suspect you might be competing with them, they might not tell you everything.

Imagine setting up a hot dog stand next to another, very successful, hot dog stand.

Think they would tell you all their secrets?

Not likely!

Some things, though, you CAN figure out on your own.

And some things you HAVE TO figure out on your own.

When selling hot dogs, it's pretty easy.

Make sure they taste good, are affordable etc.

But the more complicated the "thing" is, the more you'll have to learn on your own.

Generally speaking, though, MANY things have plenty of overlapping areas of success.

One of those is how well you communicate.

No matter what kind of "thing" you are going to do, how well you communicate will have a HUGE impact on how well you do.

In fact, doing something like selling hot dogs is one thing where communication is NOT needed very much.

Any other skill you learn, any other relationship you need to create, the better you can communicate, the better you'll do.

And the more WAYS you can communicate, the better you'll do.

So if you can not only learn, but MASTER the most difficult kind of communication, you'll be light years ahead of everybody else.

Learn How:


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