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The Other Side Of Rejection


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Things can be different on different time frames.

This is one of the sleight of mouth patterns.

A problem in the short term can be a benefit in the long term.

Or a problem on one meta level can be a benefit on another meta level.

In NLP they have the idea of logical levels.

Problems on one logical level are more easily solved from another logical level.

Weight issues, for example, could be perceived as a physical issue.

But often they are emotional issues that manifest themselves on the physical level.

And if you ONLY look at them from a physical level, you'll miss most of the deeper issues.

Of course the word "deeper" is itself a metaphor.

There's nothing obviously "deep" about emotions.

Especially the kind of emotions you wear on your sleeve.

The sleeve is the part you want everybody to see, so it's up on the surface.

Not deep inside, where all the food goes.

Many people like the idea of making money in sales.

But they quickly wash out when they see how much they have to withstand rejection.

If you CAN stand up to rejection, you CAN make a lot of money.

(Stand up, as opposed to fall over...What you don't want to buy?...ahhhh!)

But on another level, you can make it much easier.

But you've got to do something that INITIALLY is pretty scary.

So scary that most people don't even consider it.

But if you get past the scary part, you'll find the other side is WAY easier than sales.

AND there's a lot more money.

Even if you get a POWERFUL sales pitch down, you still have to deliver that pitch over and over and over.

For example, if you had the best vacuum cleaner sales pitch, so good you sold 20% of clients, you'd STILL have to knock on a bunch of doors.

But if you could STAND UP and pitch 50 people at once?

A couple of things would happen.

One is the rejections would be MUCH EASIER.

Because if you're giving a sales pitch to ONE PERSON, you have to spend the same amount of time.

Whether they buy or not.

But if you pitch 50 people at once, it's a matter of percentages.

But even better, is if you are pitching to individual after individual, you would have to adjust your delivery every single time.

That's hard!

But when pitching from the podium, you can deliver the SAME message over and over.

On the front side, it's terrifying.

Which is why nobody does it.

But on the other side, it's easy.

Show up, speak (which is easy since it's the same speech every time) and collect your money.

Learn How:


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