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The best way to get anybody to do anything is to put it in terms of what they want.

Since everybody wants what they want, this makes sense.

But most of the time, we ignore this.

It's common to tell people to do what WE want because of what we want.

Which is the same idea only from the inside out.

But if you've ever experienced a very friendly shopping experience, it's the opposite.

They ask what you want, why you want it, and what you want to do with it.

Then they make recommendations based only on what you just told them.

This makes perfect sense.

But it requires we turn off our ego and focus only on the other person.

This can be frightening.

Because any time we turn off our ego, our deep instincts start screaming that WE won't get our needs met.

Of course, our instincts can ONLY play the short game.

Luckily our higher, thinking brains can play the LONG game.

And in the long game, there is long game, and REALLY long game.

Generally speaking, whoever has the longest strategy will prevail.

One very long game strategy is in understanding very ancient needs.

The ones that come beneath words and thoughts.

The deep instincts that have driven us before we became humans.

When you can take the time to speak to these, you can move people on profound levels.

This is what happens when you take smaller stories, and put them together according to themes.

And combine gestures and tonality on top of everything to create an emotionally powerful punch.

One that moves not just one person, but EVERYBODY who is listening.

Not a lot of people can consistently persuade others.

Fewer still can get up in front of others and give a coherent speech.

And very, very few can weave together a message so powerful it will resonate with everybody.

Do this and you'll want for nothing.

Learn How:


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