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The most moving messages are always in the form of a story.

One of the longest lasting sales pages of all time was for the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ itself is a highly technical resource with advanced economic and business insights.

But the sales letter, used for decades, had nothing to do with that.

It was only about two similar characters.

Two average guys from two average towns.

They each went to an average college and got average degrees.

Both met average women and had average families.

Both started with average jobs.

But one guy stayed average, while the other guy make buckets of cash.

The difference?

One had access to specialized information.

The other guy had the same information everybody else had.

And because he had that same information that everybody else had, he made the same decisions and did the same things everybody else did.

And got the same level of income.

The sales letter didn't even need to draw conclusions.

They left that up to the reader.

To decide whether they wanted to stay average.

Or get access to special information that few people took advantage.

The reason this story works is because it is true.

Most people are average, by definition.

Few people will take the time to learn things that others don't.

Even the people that learn things tend to learn the same things from the same places.

College, advanced degrees, etc.

Only those that learn from unusual sources and apply that unusual information in unusual ways will get things beyond average.

Telling stories is like language.

It's natural, instinctive.

So most don't think of it as something to improve.

But improve you can.

Both in your language and how you tell stories.

Stories allow you to deliver ideas and messages in ways that few people understand.

But because we all like to hear stories, your messages will be profound.

Listened to, acted upon, and greatly appreciated.

All hidden behind something that most people are afraid of.

Which means once you master this, you'll be in a class all your own.

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