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Three Paradoxes In One


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One of the biggest causes of anxiety when using any language patterns is getting caught.

Even when consciously using gestures, it feels like you're doing something wrong.

This is natural.

Any time you do something slightly different, you're going to feel self conscious.

This is part of human nature.

Even if you buy a pair of shoes you don't normally wear or use glasses instead of contacts, it's natural to feel self conscious.

So when you add something to your language, it makes you feel even MORE self conscious.

But since most people NEVER focus much on the structure of language, nobody will ever know.

Sure, they might feel like you're doing something different.

But unless you tell them, they won't really have a clue.

And paradoxically, when you are using these patterns on your friends, they are MOST LIKELY to know something's up.

The less you know the person you are using these patterns with, the less likely they'll even suspect you are doing something different.

For one, they don't know you, so they don't know what your normal style is.

Two, they'll be nervous, since most everybody is nervous when talking to somebody new.

And even more paradoxically, very FEW people will notice these patterns when you are using them during any presentation.

Since EVERYBODY speaks differently during a presentation than during regular conversations.

So even if you give a speech to your speech class, in which all your friends are members, this is the BEST PLACE to use language technology.

Which makes it even MORE paradoxical (that's the third paradox so far) that giving speeches is the BEST PLACE to use hypnotic language skills.

One, you'll almost NEVER get interrupted.

Two, you are SUPPOSED to use careful gestures.

Three, their brains will be mostly turned off anyway.

This makes it the BEST PLACE POSSIBLE to slip tons of ideas into their minds.

Even if you just wanted to have fun, going down to your local toastmasters or joining a speech class at your local community college is a GREAT PLACE to experiment with language technology.

Even if you have zero intentions of selling or persuading or seducing, people will INSTANTLY notice that you are MUCH BETTER than everybody else.

Because your stories will have an impact on their brains that NO OTHER speech has.

Not even famous people on TV.

And when you can create THAT kind of aura, you can pretty much do anything.

Learn How:


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