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There are two kinds of fear.

Real and imaginary.

Once upon a time, we only had real fears.

Tigers, other people, dangerous terrain, etc.

And through the long slow grinding path of evolution, we humans developed a pretty good strategy for dealing with fear.

Better safe than sorry.

Meaning if something was even potentially dangerous, it made sense to run first and ask questions later.

This was balanced by our never ending need for food.

So on one side, we were being driven forward by our instinctive need for food.

On the other side, we were being driven back by our instinctive fears.

Two things are very different today than they were before.

One, getting most of our needs met is not so difficult.

Food is everywhere.

It's rarely, if ever, dangerous to get something to eat.

Second, most fears we experience are social fears.

Not real fear.

Unfortunately, our social fears don't have a natural counterbalance.

So the same strategy doesn't work so much.

Kind of like our hunger instinct.

Way back in the day, it made sense to ALWAYS be hungry.

And to ALWAYS eat as much as we can, whenever we can.

Because those opportunities to gorge ourselves were few and far between.

Today, you combine our never ending hunger with the ease of food access, and you get a planet of overweight people.

It's kind of the opposite of social fears.

Losing weight is easy, in theory.

You just recognize your hunger, but don't obey it.

Obey your rational, conscious mind instead.

Eat a couple thousand calories a day, and call it good.

Obviously, this is WAY easier said than done.

The same goes with social fears.

Logically, rationally, there is NO REASON to be afraid of talking to strangers.

Or speaking in public.

Or trying new things.

But just as it's hard to NOT EAT when you're sitting in front of an all-you-can-eat-buffet and you're starving (and all your friends are eating), it's just as hard to ACT when your brain is screaming at you not to.

Which is why those that CAN do things like speak in public will tend to make a lot more money than those who can't.

It's the ONE THING that doesn't require intelligence, or upbringing, or a STEM degree (or any degree) or any specialized knowledge.

Just the desire and the persistence to practice.

And if you add some hypnotic language patterns into the mix, you'll be in a very elite group of people.

Capable of doing things few people even know exist.

It's not easy to start, but there are plenty of ways to ease into it.

All can be done safely, on your own, so nobody knows but you.

Learn How:


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