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Resonance has always been a fascinating subject to me.

There's a story of soldiers walking across a bridge in a cadence that unfortunately matched the resonance frequency of the bridge and collapsed it.

They unsuccessfully tried to reproduce this on Mythbusters.

Unsuccessful not because it's not possible, but because they can't exactly send a bunch of humans across a bridge.

Instead, they tried to do it with little robots, and they could never quite get them walking in perfect cadence.

But if you've ever swung on a swing, you know perfectly well the power of resonance.

You can get pretty high with very little effort.

We use plenty of resonance metaphors when talking about human connection.

When you meet somebody and you "click."

Or you are on the same wavelength.

Or on the same page.

Or are in sync.

These are all words to describe two waveforms that are similar.

In music, they call this harmony.

There are very distinct mathematical relationships between notes that "sound right" together.

It's amazing that things as indescribable as emotions can be triggered by something that is mathematically precise.

A major chord progression creates happy feeling.

A minor chord progression creates a sad feeling.

There is no way any of us can describe those inner emotions accurately.

Poets have been trying for thousands of years.

Sure, a few can come close.

That something as wonderful and indescribable as emotions can be triggered with external sounds that obey strict laws of mathematics is fascinating.

From the outside in, it makes perfect sense.

From the inside out, it's a mystery.

This isn't just true in music.

This is true in storytelling and human communication.

And just like you can create mathematically precise sounds that create indescribable inner emotions, you can do the same with language.

The structure of language is just as precise as the mathematics of music.

Create the right set of language patterns, and evoke whatever inner emotions you like.

Emotions of happiness, motivation, desire and courage.

Learning how to do this may be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

Find Out How:


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