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How To Create Fictional Role Models


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There's a lot of supplements that are "precursors."

For example, many famous movie stars get steroids.

There a many kinds of steroids, and they can be used for different purposes.

Many of these are related to HGH or human growth hormone.

Aging movie stars, especially action movie stars take these so they age well.

But for the rest of us, we can take these "precursor" type things.

These are the "building blocks" of HGH and other hormones (testosterone, etc.)

The way they work (allegedly) is by taking the raw ingredients, our bodies will have an easier time creating the actual HGH.

Like if you had a bunch of workers that are eagerly waiting to build a house, and you gave them the raw ingredients (bricks, wood, etc>) they'd have a much easier time.

A rich guy taking the actual hormone would be like giving the workers a house that is pretty much pre-built.

They just need to tilt it together and do all the finishing touches.

This is similar to how Milton Erickson created conversational hypnosis.

He knew his patients had the solutions inside of them.

He just gave them some raw ingredients, in the form of stories, so they could put together their own version of the solution.

This works because all of us humans have more or less the same desires, the same fears, and the same overall strategies.

One of the ways we learn is through modeling.

By subconsciously copying other people.

When your parents yelled at you for hanging out with the "wrong crowd" what they are worried about is you picking up the wrong behaviors.

Like if you started smoking because all the cool kids smoked.

This is the same as modeling.

Copying the behaviors of those who you want to emulate.

If you were lucky enough to have a math teacher in elementary school who thought math was awesome, it would be a lot easier to learn from them than from a teacher who thought math sucked.

We can also learn, or model, from characters in stories.

This is essentially how Erickson "fixed" his patients.

By telling them stories that had characters his patients identified with.

And by subconsciously following along, they would copy the behaviors of those imaginary characters.

The way he did it was the most difficult way possible.

He would see a patient, hear their problems, and then make up a collection of stories on the spot.

But there is a much easier way to do this.

You create the set of stories, and tell them over and over to different people.

Or create a set of stories, make a video, and then show the video over and over to a bunch of people.

For what purpose?

For whatever purpose you want.

Sales, influence, generating authority and social proof for yourself.

Only limited by your imagination.

Learn How:


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