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Breaking Bad Communication Theory


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There are a lot of paradoxes in human life.

One was explained fairly well by Bryan Cranston, the guy who played Walter White on "Breaking Bad."

He said most everybody is very reluctant to "let it all hang out" emotionally.

But as an actor, you HAVE to do that.

He also said that the more you do that (let it all hang out) the more of the paradox you see.

Our deep fears is that the more we let it all hang out, the more likely we'll get rejected.

But the opposite happens.

The more we show our true selves, the more people will absolutely CRAVE our presence.

But we spend most of our lives TERRIFIED of sharing our true selves.

Which of course, creates an equally confusing paradox.

We are terrified of sharing our TRUE selves in a fearless way.

Since we think THAT will get us rejected.

So instead, we are very careful how we express ourselves.

We only express ourselves safely.

We say safe things with safe energy and safe gestures.

And THAT is what makes us UNINTERESTING to other people.

Because playing it safe is pretty boring.

Everybody can do it.

Everybody DOES do it.

So it's not special.

Yet we all have this deep desire to BE SEEN by who we really are.

At the same time, we are TERRIFIED to show ourselves the way we really are.

This is why we HOPE for some magical person who will somehow "notice" our true selves.

Problem is, this creates a world where EVERYBODY is waiting around for SOMEBODY ELSE to come and "notice them."

Nobody is willing to share themselves.

We all want the OTHER PERSON to go first.

It's like one of those dances back in junior high school.

Boys on one side, girls on the other.

Everybody looking across the room waiting for somebody else to make the first move.

One of the things we tell ourselves, is that we "don't know what to say."

But it's not really WHAT we say that's important.

It's HOW we say it.

Not just energetically, but structurally.

And the energy and structure of our expressions have NOTHING to do with the words we use.

Because human interest, human desire, are MUCH DEEPER than simply the words.

If you can learn to resonate on this deep, unconscious level, people will CRAVE your presence.

How do you do this?

Like This:


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