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How To Sell From The Stage


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There's no question than being able to speak in public is an asset.

If there is one thing you could add to your set of skills, standing up and speaking before a crowd is one of them.

If you are in a room of 50 other job applicants, and you can get up and give a speech, you'll significantly increase your chances.

Even if you are beaten by everything else, (GPA, degree, experience, etc.) being able to get up and talk will put ahead.

But there's speaking, and then there's persuading.

It's really not so difficult to give an informative speech.

Essentially, it's all about getting over the butterflies.

The structure is pretty simple.

Same structure as a high school essay.

Introduction (tell them what you are going to tell them).

Body (tell them).

Summary (tell them what you just told them).

Anything can be put in that format.

Why you should floss every night.

The benefits of exercise.

Why political party X is better than political party Y.

This is pretty easy.

What's not so easy is persuading. 

Moving people to action.

Many people think this is MUCH MORE nerve wracking.

It's like knocking on doors and trying to sell vacuum cleaners, but about a billion times more terrifying.

Getting rejected by a housewife (or househusband) who's angry that you interrupted their housework is one thing.

Getting rejected by a whole room of people is TERRIFYING!

They might start throwing rotten vegetables at you!

Only they won't.

Especially if you use a special kind of hypnosis designed for public speaking.

It will sound like you're telling stories about a friend.

And then a couple of other stories.

And pretty soon, they'll be so zoned out they won't know WHAT the heck you're talking about.

But at the end, they will feel COMPELLED to do whatever it is you wanted them to do.

But since they won't really remember most of what you said (since they were hypnotized) they'll think it was their idea.

And once you have a speech that works, you can give the SAME speech over and over and over and over.

Even better, you don't actually need a room of people to do this.

You can make a video if you like.

And if you can make ONE, you can make dozens.

One each week.

Each one will continue working.

Zonking people out and implanting ideas in their minds.

What ideas?

Whichever ones you want.

Learn How:


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