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The Sleight Of Brain Pattern


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One of the most "famous" hypnosis patterns is the quotes pattern.

It's so famous it's in plenty of movies.

A common way is when one guy threatens another guy.

For example, imagine two guys are sitting next to each other at a bar.

They are sworn enemies, but they are pretending to be normal citizens.

One guy looks at the other and says:

"If I were doing something important, and somebody tried to stop me, I'd have to look at him, take a deep breath and say that if you tried to stop me I'd have to kill you."

As he's quoting some imaginary person saying something to another imaginary person, he's saying the same thing to his real enemy.

But since this is a movie trick, and it's obvious to everybody that's what he's doing, it's not very "covert."

So if that's how you used it in real life, everybody would know.

The whole point of covert hypnosis is that NOBODY knows you're using it.

If you go around telling people you are using covert hypnosis, it's pretty silly.

That would be like telling everybody you were invisible.

And when you use covert hypnosis, you're supposed to be careful, so nobody knows.

If you actually were invisible, and you bumped into people while you were out walking around, (or were talking loudly to yourself) that would be just a silly.

There IS, however, a very powerful way to use the quotes pattern.

And that's to sandwich it in between a couple of stories.

The different the stories are the better.

The first story could be about some weird Twilight Zone episode you saw.

The second story could be about an ancient recipe for lasagna that was recently discovered near the pyramids.

Then the middle story has all the quotes.

And when you finish the pyramid story, and then the Twilight Zone story, people's brains will be so scrambled they won't remember much of anything.

The outside stories are kind of set ups.

Kind of like how a magician on stage talks a good game.

You're focusing on his face and his story you don't notice his hands.

So when you sandwich a bunch of quotes in the middle of a couple non-related and crazy stories, it's kind the same thing.

Only instead of sleight of hand, or even sleight of mouth, it's more like sleight of brain.

And since this is just for fun, the only technique you need to remember is the quotes part.

Which is pretty easy.

But there's a lot more fun to be had with language.

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