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Clown Eating Lions


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I had a friend way back in college.

Always had a different girl every weekend.

But I never thought of him as a player.

In fact, he was the opposite of any stereotypical player.

I never saw him approach any girl, never saw him ask for a number.

Yet ever morning I would see a different girl leave his dorm room.

He was the opposite of what every PUA guru and coach teaches.

It was like magic.

But it wasn't magic.

It was simple.

Logical even.

He created a very positive energy around him.

Not in any metaphysical hocus pocus way.

He was just a friendly guy to be around.

If you were driving somewhere with him, it was enjoyable.

If you were hanging out with him in an otherwise boring dorm room, it was enjoyable.

He never tried, he never used any technology.

He was just "being himself."

So whenever he went to big parties, the party always gravitated to wherever he was.

And the end of the night, all he had to do was look around at all the folks hanging around, and pick the cutest girl to take home with him.

And they were always happy to oblige, since he was always the hero of the party.

How can you become the hero of the party?

Relax, and enjoy yourself.

Make people feel good about themselves.

Take anything that people say and "reframe" it so it's funny.

Not funny at somebody's expense.

Just funny funny.

(Two lions were eating a clown, and one lion said: "Hey, does this taste funny to you?)

When most people think about reframing, they think of reframing things to win arguments.

To be right when somebody else is wrong.

To control and maintain the frame.

As if everybody is always locked in frame-control battle to the death.

But you can use the very same strategies to reframe ANYTHING to be funnier, less serious, more enjoyable than it is.

And when you do it carefully, the person who's statement you reframed into a funny joke, they'll feel like they were part of the creation of the joke.

Everybody's involved, everybody is laughing.

And you are the party hero.

Learn How:



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