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How To Collect Social Orbiters


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There are two ways to make friends.

Or create relationships for whatever reason.

One way is to go to other people.

You see somebody interesting, walk over and start a conversation.

The other way is to wait for people to approach you.

Both of these have good ways and bad ways.

Effective and ineffective.

For example, you could approach every person with a pulse, hand them a card (person or business) and give them your "elevator pitch."

The twenty second pitch about why the two of you should get together.

This is clearly a "numbers game."

On the other hand, you could only approach people you naturally "vibe" with and be yourself.

Not your "safe to make sure you don't say anything wrong" self but your REAL self.

Easy as it seems, this can be difficult.

The other way, of waiting to be approached, also has it's good and bad versions.

The bad version is to stand in the corner and glare at anybody who looks in your direction.

Maybe growl at people if they get too close.

The flip side would be to create a bubble of happiness.

So when people walk into social situation, the area where you are is "different" somehow.

You, and everybody around you are smiling, laughing, louder and more charismatic, as a group, than everybody else.

With you at the center.

Like a party nucleus of your own party orbiters.

This would be very "attractive."

Meaning people would see your group, and want to join your group.

This would allow you to choose from the BEST of the people who come and hang around your attractive "vibe."

Of course, many people would want to approach, but might be a bit on the shy side.

But all you would need would be to give them a look that says, "come on over!"

How do you learn to generate this vibe?

By looking past the surface structure language and words that people use.

And see the deeper, more powerful underlying energy.

Once you get past the surface structure, the deeper energy is not only much more powerful, but much easier to manage.

Especially when you can communicate with people on that level.

This is why they'll know (and very much like) there is "something" about you, but they just don't know what.

But you will.

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