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Out Frame The Fastest Gun


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One of the key ideas in Psycho-Cybernetics is to never compare yourself to others.

This is also a helpful economic strategy.

If you are always comparing yourself to your neighbors, you'll end up chasing an unachievable goal.

Because no matter how well you do something, you can ALWAYS find somebody else who can do it better.

This is similar to the dangers of being the "fastest gun" in any western town.

As soon as you are recognized as the fastest gun, every goof west of the Mississippi will come and test you.

Which means part of the job description of being the fastest gun is ALWAYS having gunfights to prove you are the fastest.

Not a very healthy occupation!

We humans are always finding clever ways to out do each other.

You might even say it's part of our nature.

We are, after all, very hierarchical social animals.

Even when hanging out with friends, it's common to try and "outdo" each other by the stories we tell.

Especially at parties when trying to "impress" people you've just met.

If YOU want to impress them, there's a chance others are as well.

And the fastest gun fight is on.

Of course, you can bring a secret weapon.

One that very few people know about.

Instead of focusing on the CONTENT, the actual things people talk about, you can use some structural elements.

Structure based communication hits people on a much deeper level than content level communication.

Using a gunfight metaphor, being a fastest gun only works against people that just stand in one place.

Using structural language would be like having the ability to zip in and out of existence wherever and whenever you wanted to.

Effectively allowing you to dodge bullets.

On a structural level, this will make you stand out FAR above everybody else.

No matter HOW "interesting" their "content" is.

But being able to manipulate the STRUCTURE of communication, it will be like having magic powers.

Which means when they see you coming, everybody just gives up and gives in.

To whatever you want.

Learn How:


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