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How Do I Word Affirmations Effectively?

Shaun Hutton

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Hello everybody!


I would like to ask a question regarding the wording of affirmations.


What is the most effective way to word affirmations?


For example, if I used:


  • "I am getting richer and richer with each passing day" — the Universe could easily just send me one dollar every day.
  • "I am becoming more and more seductive with each passing day" — the Universe could easily agree with this, and either make me seductive in a feminine manner / cause people to avoid me because I am too seductive.
  • "I can do anything" — the Universe already agrees with this by default!
  • "I am a successful athlete" — too general; this could mean so many things...

My point is, should a series of sentences / better wordings be used, to achieve the desired results?



  • "My monthly income is USD$100'000".
  • "Women are always easily seduced by me."
  • "I am extremely / astoundingly / exceedingly / extraordinarily successful."
  • "I am the best tennis player in the state of X"

If the wordings are too unrealistic, the affirmation may not be effective.


If the wordings are too general, the affirmation may be weak.



What are some words, sentence structures, adjectives etc. that you have found to be very successful for you?


Thank you.

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There's all kinds of different ways, and no "one way" is really better, as it depends a lot on your own personal belief systems.


Personally, I like to use some kind of action verb, and some kind of "creation" verb as well, along with a fairly specific result.


For example, if you wanted to increase your seductive powers, you might say:


"I am becoming more and more seductive every day"


or a better way might be:


"I automatically create massive feelings of sexual desire in the girls I interact with"


Or one way to manifest finances would be to "my wealth and income increases each and every day"


which may also be said:


"I naturally deliver value to others that they eagerly pay me for"


Some things to consider:


1) Imagine that you are giving orders to somebody that has a limited vocabulary. If you say things like "abundance, success, etc." they won't understand what you mean, and they'll have to guess. More specific is better.


2) Always put yourself and your actions in there somewhere, or at the very least put yourself in the picture you're creating with your words


3) Understand that "The Universe" can ONLY mean OTHER PEOPLE. They may very well be some force of creation we're never meant to understand, but it's my belief that IT (or whatever it is) HAS TO work through other people.


4) Any time you say or hear an affirmation, it creates a mental picture. It's a vaguely worded affirmation, it's going to be a fuzzy picture. If it's short, specific, and powerful, the picture will be clear and emotionally charged


5) Think of writing your affirmations like a copywriter writes headlines. The idea is to create a POWERFULLY ATTRACTIVE  and SPECIFIC picture in the mind


6) Think of affirmations like building blocks. Start with the end goal (an incredible seductive man, for example) and then think of all the behaviors and beliefs that would ADD UP to that. (I like making eye contact, I always start conversations, I love smiling at girls, I love making girls laugh, etc). I think that 20 or 30 short, powerful "building block" affirmations are very powerful, as they are easy to understand, easy to implement by your subconscious, and will add up to what you want.


My own basic structure is like this:


I  + adverb + action verb + [other people]




[other people] + adverb + action verb + I



I enjoy starting enjoyable conversations with strangers


I naturally create mutually financially beneficial relationships with my clients


I readily win matches with any opponent


I consistently win tournaments in my class


I generate massive admiration from audiences in my tournaments


I love creating massive value for my customers  


people smile at me everywhere I go


Just create a list of five or ten, really, really powerful ones that would make your pretty good, and just say them to yourself, out loud, a few times a day, and just watch how they evolve over time.

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i mace my yestrdey master pice subliminal

whot you tink?



I believe that all beliefs variable

believe that all beliefs variable
and conscious and unconscious
unconscious is an old friend my


All else’s beliefs and emotions
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yes you
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coming back to the right path permanently
coming back to the right path permanently
I’m changing all the unwanted beliefs easily
I know their game and victorious them easily
now permanently
changing all the unwanted beliefs easily
now permanently
I am grateful
yes you
are grateful
I change my past from now on desired
change you past from now on desired future easily now
I am grateful
yes you
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consciously listen to music 
subconscious message .whot you tink?men. tnx
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