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The reason we humans like to mingle with other humans is we are social animals.

The reason we go places when we can potentially meet new people is because meeting new people is interesting.

Especially if we "click" with those new people.

Either friends or lovers, meeting new friends with whom we share a lot in common is a very comfortable and deeply human feeling.

The very basic common strategy when doing that is we try our best to make ourselves stand out somehow.

This is why we are careful about what we wear, and even how we speak and behave when we are around new and interesting people.

This is the essential strategy behind "peacocking."

To wear clothing, jewelry, or anything to make you IMMEDIATELY stand out from the crowd.

So when people approach you, they have a PRESET idea that YOU are DIFFERENT from everybody else.

This can be a risky strategy.

Because you have to have a personality that is strong enough to withstand all the attention.

Which is why few people feel comfortable peacocking too much.

Recently there was a very famous wedding.

And one thing that happens when there is ANY famous gathering, is they look at all the clothing people wore.

Mostly the ladies.

At the same time, each person who goes to this famous gathering, KNOWS this is going to happen.

So, at the same time, they want to STAND OUT, but not too much.

This is the same strategy most of us use when we go places.

We want to STAND OUT, but not too much.

One thing VERY FEW people think about when they go places socially, where meeting new people is acceptable, is to work on their communication skills.

This is a very clever way of using the Cialdini law of comparison and contrast.

If you think a movie is going to be average, and it BEATS your expectations, you'll think it's MORE entertaining than it was.

If a stock is expected to report earnings of $1.02 a share, and instead they report earnings of $1.05 a share, it will rocket up.

The idea of "beating expectations" is VERY POWERFUL.

So when you show up anywhere wearing fairly normal looking clothing, but your communication skills are EXCEPTIONAL, then you will beat expectations.

And you'll be FAR more memorable than some goof wearing a huge top hat and dressed up like the mad hatter.

In fact, extreme peacocking REQUIRES you have an extreme personality to match the clothes.

But if you are dressed normally, but have a communication style that is just a bit on the funny-crazy-hypnotic side, people will NEVER forget you.

Kind of like you're own secret agent party strategy.

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