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One way to quickly put people in a trancey mood is to talk about trancey things.

It's one thing to specifically use hypnotic language structures, and either hypnotize them directly, or use covert hypnosis.

But much easier way, especially if you are getting started, is to talk about trancey things.

Things that do the work on their own.

Their are plenty of interesting paradoxes in math and physics.

But if you ONLY talk about the paradoxes, it won't be much different than a regular conversation.

One person throws out one idea, and another person throws out another idea, etc.

And if everybody's talking about their latest experience playing video games, and you talk about some paradox of the number line, it might not go over well.

But if you sandwich it between two sort of related stories, it will scramble their brains pretty well.

In case you don't happen to have a lot of math paradoxes at the ready, there's an even easier way.

You take whatever the structure it is of the other idea, and go up a meta level.

And instead of talking about "things" talk about ideas.

For example, imagine somebody was talking about some boring class they had to take at school.

And the reason they were taking it was it was part of their major.

They would be taking the interesting classes later.

There's a lot of "me too" type stories that would have that same structure.

Doing something boring that you MUST do before doing the thing you WANT to do.

But instead of talking about normal things (like doing your taxes, or doing an unpaid internship) talk about trancey things.

Like thinking boring thoughts that you MUST think before you can think interesting thoughts that you WANT to think.

And to keep track, inside your mind you can be thinking about doing something like cleaning your room before you can play video games.

But outside, you're talking about thinking boring thoughts and putting them in order before you can think the more fun and interesting thoughts.

It sounds similar, from a structural level, but people will have a hard time following along.

They'll watch you closely, trying to pay attention, but when you're finished (and you're acting like you talked about something completely normal) they'll look at you with a weird expression on their face.

"Yeah, that's, uh, um....what?"

And then you can talk about the REAL thing, (the thing you were thinking about when talking about the trancey thing), as another example.

This will slowly guide them back to normal thinking land, but they'll have a kind of "hole" in their memory.

There's all kinds of fun party tricks you can use with hypnosis to differentiate yourself from everybody else.

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