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There is this really goofy movie on Netflix (or maybe Amazon) called "Punching the Clown."

It's comical story about the rise and fall of this guy who plays the guitar on stage while "singing" the lamest jokes you could ever imagine.

Every event that caused his rise was a misinterpretation.

Every event that caused his fall was equally a misinterpretation.

If you're a fan of very dry, very tongue-in-cheek comedy, I highly recommend it.

One of my favorite scenes is where he's "auditioning" for this very high level talent agent.

The hero ALWAYS tells his jokes as if they are songs, while he's "singing" them along with his guitar strumming.

Central to the whole them is the guy is REALLY not very funny, but because of all the misunderstandings, everybody thinks he's the second coming of Groucho Marx.

As he's auditioning, the agent interrupts him several times, and says something like:

"OK, why don't you play me the FUNNIEST one. The one that is the MOST FUNNY, right from the beginning."

And the hero keeps starting various song-jokes, and the agent keeps interrupting him and saying the same thing.

The entire movie is very "meta" in that it looks at humor, and what humor is, and how it's constructed.

A way of looking at a non-funny guy, but from a humorous angle, but in scenes that are carefully scripted to be as dryly humorous as possible.

This, in a nutshell, is the problem with any kind of COVERT hypnosis.

Non-covert hypnosis is easy.

You know you're using it.

You're subject knows you're using it.

Everybody watching knows you're using it.

But with COVERT hypnosis, nobody knows but you.

In fact, it really ONLY WORKS if nobody but you knows it.

Which is why it's very HARD to see a real example of covert hypnosis.

Since once you know it's an example of covert hypnosis, it's no longer covert, and it won't have the same effect.

This is the SAME type of thing that happens when you DON'T GET a joke.

It's ONLY funny if it HITS YOU all at once.

If it has to be explained to you, it won't be funny.

No joke is.

Which is why when it comes to covert hypnosis, it's very similar to fight club.

In that the first rule of fight club is to NOT talk about fight club.

When you're using direct party hypnosis tricks (getting people zonked out and speaking Martian) it's ok to tell everybody what they're doing.

But when using any of the COVERT party hypnosis tricks, it's best to NOT mention anything to anybody what you are doing.

Just drop a few covert mind bombs here and there and stand back and watch the fun.

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