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Both humor and hypnosis are based on carefully used ambiguity.

Why is six afraid of seven?

Seven ate nine.

7 8 9

Ate and eight are phonetic ambiguities.

Same sound, different meaning.

Luckily, English has tons of built in potential for ambiguity.

The more you understand, the more you can fade people's brains at will.

When most people talk, most people listen.

But WHILE they are listening, they are busily trying to come up with something else to say.

Something to ADD to the conversation.

There are basically two ways to keep people from doing that.

One is to become a powerfully mesmerizing storyteller.

To have powerful charisma, facial expressions, gestures, etc.

AND to have some very interesting stories.

But if you're like most normal humans, you don't go on a lot of archeological digs, or find any time portals or anything like that.

If you're like most normal humans, you have some pretty normal stories.

So being famous as the guy who always goes on adventures is out of the question for most of us.

So, what's the OTHER WAY to keep people's minds from wandering while you're talking?

Use plenty of ambiguities.

There are simple ways, and incredibly complex ways.

Short bursts of ambiguities in sentences, or long drawn out nested stories (that are really about nothing) but make their brains feel like squishy sponges filled with paste.

Here's an example.

It's generally considered to be THE most ambiguous sentence in English.

"Time flies like an arrow."

It could mean that time goes really fast, like an arrow.

It could be instructions.

Measure the speed of flies like you measure the speed of an arrow.

Or it could be a description about a certain type of fly.

Fruit flies like a banana, house flies like your dinner, and time flies like an arrow.

But for most normal humans, when they see that sentence, they immediately ASSUME it means the first thing.

That time goes by quickly, just like an arrow goes by quickly.

This is one of the techniques to fade their brains.

Throw in a sentence that has some ambiguity.

That will be interpreted one way.

But then later, add some more information that will FORCE them to interpret it the other way.

Only by the time you get to that second bit of information, that first sentence, with the ambiguity and it's first assumed meaning, will be slipping away from their short term memory.

When THAT happens, all other stray thoughts will STOP.

And they'll be intensely focused on what you are saying.

And they WON'T really know why.

All they'll REALLY know is that for some reason, YOU are the most interesting person they've ever met.

And they somehow can't keep their brain off you.

Learn How:



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