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Most, if not all, humor is based on ambiguity.

One of my favorites is a Grouch Marx joke.

"Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know..."

The first sentence makes it sound like the guy doing the shooting was wearing pajamas.

Then the second sentence has the elephant wearing the pajamas.

But if you look closely at the first sentence, it can be either one.

When we humans come across a sentence that can go in many different ways, we assume the most logical one.

Then later, when we find out we were wrong, it feels funny in the brain.

With a little practice, you can build a whole communication style based on this one-two pattern.

Where you toss out a sentence that COULD be ambiguous (like shooting an elephant in your pajamas) but is generally assumed to be normal.

Then a couple seconds later, you toss out more information that contradicts the imagination in their mind that you just created.

If you can do this well, and stand up and talk in front of a crowd of people, you can make millions of dollars and be world famous.

Because this is the structure of humor.

Spontaneous, party humor.

Humor that's in movies and sitcoms.

And the humor that is part of the absurdity of life.

But these types of language is much more powerful than simple jokes.

You can fade people's brains, look them directly in the eyes and say things directly to them that you would NEVER get away with otherwise.

You can blatantly hypnotize people and they'll go right along with it.

Understanding the built in humor potential of language simultaneously means you can understand the built in humor structure of thought.

Since most people never really think much about language, or thought, this will seem like you have wizard-like powers of others.

How you use these skills is up to you.

If you just want to have a little fun, you can quickly be the most popular guy or gal at any social event or party in town.

But they can easily be applied to business, or relationships, or pretty much anything.

Once you realize that language (and the thought it represents) has a specific structure, the world becomes much more playful.

You'll start to see many more opportunities.

Every human mind you come across can be your own playground.

Filled with buried treasure.

Learn How:


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