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Lovely Day Today

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Hi George

love the sex magnet audio, why are the guys having all the fun? Let us ladies have some too! 


Sexual Goddness


Men love making love to me 

Men want me

Men desire me

Men love me
Men love my body

Men crave my body
Men love being with me 

Men are desperate to be my lover

Men love to seduce me
Men crave my pussy

Men crave my love juices

Men love to satisfy me
I create irresistible sexual desire in all men
Men desperately want to please me

Guys instantly get hard when they think of me

Guys get hard when they see me
Men love licking my pussy
Men love eating my pussy
Guys are desperate for me to touch them
Guys cant get enough of me 
I am a sex Goddness
Men lust for me

I love expressing my sexual desire

Men are always dreaming about me

Men love to sexually please me 
Men crave their body on top of mine
Guys are desperate to touch me
Guys are desperate for my touch
Men love to give me orgasms 
Men love to watch me orgasm
Guys are desperate to orgasm with me
Guys desperately want to ride me

Men love me to ride them
Men love my sexy body
Men love my pussy

I am gorgeous
Guys can't get enough of my pussy

Guys keep coming back to me for more

I am a great lover

Men are addicted to me
Guys love making me come
Guys can't wait to make me come
Men are desperate to please me
Men are desperate to seduce me
Guys love making love with you
Men can't get enough of me

Men can't resist my sexual magnetism

I am incredibly seductive

I am sexually addictive

Men love sucking my breasts

Men love caressing my breasts

Men love kissing me all over

Men fantasize about me

Men worship me

Men love to touch me

Men love to caress my skin

Men love kissing me

Men love to make love to me

I am beautiful

I am a love goddess

Men beg to be in my arms

Men beg to make love to me over and over and over

Men give me pleasure

I am incredibly sexy

Men love to make love to me

Men long to be with me

I am a sexual Goddess


Plus any more than come to mind ;-)




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